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Sacred Woman, Blackfeet Amskapi Pikuni, Browning, Montana | by Montana State University Library

native american cuture wallpaper | ... about many Indian tribes, arranged by culture group . Many pictures

Portrait of Oto man, (George) Arkeketah, Head Chief. Part of Siouan (Sioux) and Otoe Tribes.

Many nickles have been spent without folk realizing that it is the likeness of a man in the canoe that is found on the head side of the 5-cent piece of the United States coinage. He is Chief Two-Gun-White-Calf of Blackfeet Indians, to be found in Glacier national park. He is navigating with his daughter in a prinitive type of buffalo hide canoe. Picture saved from an Indianapolis news paper many decades ago.

USS Badger | by Craig S. - The SS Badger is a passenger and vehicle ferry in the United States that has been in service on Lake Michigan since 1953. Currently, the ship shuttles between Ludington, Michigan, and Manitowoc, Wisconsin, connecting U.S. Highway 10 (US 10) between those two cities. It is the last coal-fired passenger vessel operating on the Great Lakes.

Photo by Gertrude Käsebier // Zitkala-Sa (1876-1938) was a Yankton Sioux woman of Native American & white mixed ancestry. She was well educated and went on to become an author, musician, composer and later went on to work for the reform of Indian policies in the United States.

Blackfeet Pikuni Dancers