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The Eurasian Bittern is the most elusive bird I have ever tried to photograph. They are usual solitary and forage in reed beds and rarely come out. Its colour means it blends very well into its environment. It is most active either at dawn to dusk and I have heard its booming sound many, many times but never spotted the bird. This particular day the reservoir was frozen over and we had, had frosty weather for a week or more. I think then the bittern was forced to forage wider afield and ...

"Dancing" Red-crowned Cranes in #Kushiro, Hokkaido, Japan: Red-crowned Crane is classified as ENDANGERED SPECIES, with small numbers of birds. Thanks to the feeding stations on Hokkaido, populations have increased. But the degradation of the habitat with drainage of wetlands for agriculture and industry is the most important threat for this species.

厳冬期北海道撮影旅行ー丹頂鶴ー: 香花橘時鳥Column

graceful flyer: wading bird comes in for a landing against buff sunset




フォトギャラリー:ゴージャスな羽を誇る美鳥14選 | ナショナルジオグラフィック日本版サイト

She was a woman of few words, a woman who wore silence like a velvet gown. How loudly her quiet soul reverberated in a room full of noise. How powerfully her stillness rippled. The world grew larger, clearer, deeper while she looked on in silence.