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Airwolf-II-Redwolf-Helicopter.png (350×364)

Star Wars Toys 1980-xx-xx Sears Christmas Catalog P631

Ahhh, the memories.

everal improvements to Devastator this round. Starting at the top, the shoulders/arns require NO extra parts to mount to the torso. Hook (upper torso) snaps into combined mode via specially designed custom parts via Shapeways. His cement barrel now clips into a peg/hole system. Devastator's also got a nice custom gun and the all important waist articulation. Devastator stands 15" tall, and has articulation: head (ball joint) full shoulder movement (ratcheting) elbows, forearms (swivel)…

G.I. Joe Minimalist 80s Character Poster: Shipwreck

The Definitive Ranking Of The Best TRANSFORMERS Robots


Masters of the Universe Classics watercolor art print by JAWart, $12.00

Airwolf Logo

Knight Rider/Airwolf/A-Team/Streethawk Limited Edition Art Print

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