MACBA... Showcases contemporary artists and has plenty to love, hate and debate. While outside, dodging the skateboarders and dogs belonging to the perroflauta (punk-hippies) is also a "cultural" experience!


Mirror Tower, Beirut, Lebanon, LAN Architecture.

Le Corbusier Cité Radieuse

Mokuzai Kaikan / Tomohiko Yamanashi (Nikken Sekkei) + Takeyuki Katsuya (NSD)

Not really sure why I like this one so much.

いつでも投稿、自由にカスタマイズ、お気に入りのブログを見つけてフォローしよう。 自分だけのTumblrブログを今すぐ作ろう!

Beautiful tectonic facade of the Rivington Place. By David Adjaye. Shoreditch, London.

The Interlace adopts a new residential typology which breaks away from the standard isolated, vertical apartment towers of Singapore. The large-scale complex takes a more expansive and interconnected approach to living through communal spaces which are integrated into its lush surrounding greenbelt.


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