Haha the egg was real!

Haha the egg was real!

JRR Tolkien. I haven't read one yet. But she's a fan. So off to my library!


The infamous egg toss while sitting at the table in Bilbo's dinning room was real, not CG. That's why the reactions of everyone at the table are so awesome, they weren't acting, their reactions were completely genuine!

Sorry not sorry that I can't stop posting Fantastic Beasts stuff

Fili, Kili, Thorin....

(gif) - Dwarf Boot Camp LOL! ( I think Richard is the only one taking it seriously!). Martin's face is priceless

The Lord of the Rings behind the scenes... THE SPLINTER!!!!! I LOVED THIS SO MUCH! HAHHAHAHHAHAA

"She thinks I'm reckless."

At first glance I was like, "Awww! Look at Richard Armitage taking a picture with two young fans." I then clicked on the picture and I'm like, "By my beard, it's Martin Freeman and Elijah Wood!" Haha.

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