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Face Reading Machine Can Tell If You’re Happy Or Bored. Isn't it comforting to know that they feel the need to read our faces? What does the technology look like if you are wearing the wrong face one day? What if one day we don't wear a face that shows displeasure in the forced fed standardization of "pursuing happiness" ? You do realize that pursuing happiness is not a "Right" anymore - it is a federal obligation! It is mandatory! Smile folks - thanks for your cooperation!

Electronic Origami Machines - Mac Funamizu's Dream Printer Creates Fully Folded 3D Models


BBC - Future - Technology - Will men and machines merge?

[CEATEC] Displays Triggering Lifestyle Revolution (1) [Video] -- Tech-On!

Mobile App Uses New Algorithm To Track Physical Activity Anywhere | Red Orbit/Nov 2013

Silicone Swim Gloves

Researchers at the startup company Eta Devices claim to have invented a new power amplifier design that will apparently double the battery life on popular electronic devices, such as smartphones. Eta devices is hoping to make their technology commercially available in the beginning of next year in LTE base stations before scaling down their technology to microchips.

Are you a swimmer then invest $ 4 and be lightning fast… ha ha... hilarious.

Ericsson’s Connected Me concept could turn you into a human USB - The ability to transfer data through touch represents ultimate convenience and secure connectivity. That’s exactly what Ericsson is trying to prove through its Connected Me concept. Ericsson has already introduced the Connected Me concept at the CES in January this year. | #Technology #DataTransfer #Data #Touch #ConnectedMe #Ericsson |

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