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(1182) Let's go, let's do, let's not

(1020) Personal motto and life credo

(1205) Bogus patient (II)

There’s a sale at that store. あの店はバーゲン中です. ano mise wa baagen chuu desu. Which items are the most popular? どの商品が一番人気ですか? dono shouhin ga ichiban ninki desu ka. That one is popular among tourists. それは観光客に人気です. sore wa kankoukyaku ni ninki desu. We don’t have coats. コートは扱っておりません. kooto wa atsukatte orimasen. Please show me that dress in

Easy to Learn Korean 908 - Conversation Basics (Part One). Chad Meyer and Moon-Jung Kim An Illustrated Guide to Korean

Infographic: Japanese phrases for getting treatment…

(1030) Losing face (II)

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