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Japanese Haiku poem by TANEDA Santoka 種田山頭火 (1882-1940) 雨だれの 音も 年とった "The sound of the rain-drops also / Has grown older."

haiku poems about nature haiku poems about nature

Japanese poem by Sone no Yoshitada from Ogura 100 poems (early 13th century) 由良のとを わたる舟人 かぢをたえ 行く方もしらぬ 恋の道かな "Like a mariner Sailing over Yura's strait / With his rudder gone: / Where, over the deep of love, / The end lies, I do not know" (calligraphy by yopiko)

Japanese poem by The Mother of Gido Sanshi from Ogura 100 poems (early 13th century) 忘れじの 行く末までは かたければ 今日を限りの 命ともがな "If remembering me / Will for him in future years / Be too difficult, / It would be well this very day / That I should end my life. " (calligraphy by yopiko)



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Japanese poem Waka by Ono-no-komachi (calligraphy by mteisi): How invisibly / it changes color in this world, / the flower of the human heart.

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