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ST~ Barnard's Loop also known as Orions Chariot forms the background cluster of stars to Orion's Belt. Cluster measures 440 x 280 light years. The Pyramid at Giza when measured in the ancient Cubit has a base length of 440 cubits and a base to Apex height of 280 Cubits. Whoever built the Pyramids not only encoded the Orion Constellation but also the dimensions in light years of the Stellar nursery surrounding the constellation. Summary: Either we are from there, or we need to go there.

This is Orion.

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Valley of Fire State Park

Valley of Fire, Nevada.

Wild cherry trees in Nara, Japan

Seriously my jaw dropped when I saw this! Giant Ammonite

The Tornado Nebula is an unusual radio source near the center of the Milky Way Galaxy showing a number of remarkable filamentary structures influenced by the magnetic field. It is thought to be a supernova remnant, although the evidence is still inconclusive. Another unusual source is a cluster of bright, compact nebulae located in the lower right edge of the Tornado Nebula. Astronomers debate the nature of the relationship between the larger Tornado Nebula and the cluster of compact nebulae


'Free-Floating' Black Hole Responsible For One of Hubble's Big Discoveries?

Black hole