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Japanese ivory netsuke; featuring Japanese folk creature Kappa; 19th century; two-character artist signature on base; pierced for suspension; H: 4 cm, W: 3 cm, 21 grams

Okame Holding a Mask (19th Century)

A rare ivory netsuke of a mountain god. Late 19th century The composite long-haired creature with the body of a snake stands upright on scaly legs with hooves and belly pushed forward. The scaly arms end in four-clawed hands and flames emanate from the joints. The humanoid head with opened mouth is all the more fierce for the deep-set eyes and the two curved horns.The carving is based on an illustration in the Sôken kishô

Netsuke, Edo priod (1603-1868), Japan

An ivory netsuke of Gama Sennin. 19th century

Kakure-mino thru Kappa

Kano Tomokazu (Japan, circa 1764/1771 - circa 1830/1843) Turtle Group, early 19th century Netsuke, Wood with inlays

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ivory netsuke of a shishi. Late 18th/early 19th century


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