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So I'm a computer program that sings in Japenese. And Korean. And American. And Swedish. And regular Japanese. And English. Nice! :D

G-Dragon...he pretty much does what he wants. He is sending out a message in each new album, and I really dig that.

Hhahaahahhagahahaha i spammed my hungry friend whit this XD!!!

■玉兎備忘録■ BIGBANG 北京いろいろ(わちゃわちゃ)画像 150605.6中国北京

Kpop Kshows,それがKpopです,Kdrama面白いKpop,楽しいKpop,KpopのJpop,音楽,熱いです,Suju Oppas,ハンサムベビーシッター


U-KISS COMEBACK IN JAPAN FREAKING AMAZING SONG!!! I haven't seen this much power in a U-KISS song in like... EVER.