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Barrel Hanksite Crystal Cluster terminated Searles Lake Trona 2015 229gm

ブルーオパール オレゴン州 62.9grams(Etsy のRt395Mineralsより)

Papua New Guinea: Western Highlands. A ceremonial headdress ("peng koem"), worn in the Wahgi Valley by the Melpa people. It is (top to bottom) 47 cm high. Made of a large quantity of human hair on a rattan frame, resin, ochre, orchid fibre, green beetles, and white baler shell (note: typically NATURAL materials. Shown in *Ethnic Jewellery and Adornment*, p. 125.


Set of Barrel Hanksite and Hanksite Crystal terminated Searles Lake Trona 2015, 270.9gm+5-3.5gm

バレルヘンクス石+ヘンクス石 セット 270.9gm+5-3.5gm(Etsy のRt395Mineralsより)


WHOLE SALES! Set of Searles Lake Minerals Barrel Hanksite, Hanksite and Sulphohalite Trona California 2015

バレルヘンクス石+ヘンクス石 セット 300gm+448gm(Etsy のRt395Mineralsより)

By far, the hardest to obtain pearls on Earth are those of the marine "baler" snail, found in the Indo-Pacific region: round, smooth and sometimes quite large, I recently held one in my hand that was the size of a large gumball and nearly dropped it when the price of $50,000 was quoted to me. The colors and flame structure are similar to those of the conch pearl.


Sea shells 5 Baler Sea Shells Aquarium, Garden, Beach theme

貝殻,私のEbayのアイテム,浜のテーマ,水族館,庭園,Shells Ebay,Baler Sea,Minerals Shells,Garden Beach

Flower Beetles Band, MOUNT HAGEN, PAPUA NEW GUINEA. Green flower beetles and woven orchid stems

Papua New Guinea Mount Hagen | Headband probably from Wahgi area. Flower beetle exoskeleton, orchid stem

This beautiful New Guinea string bag features bright red, blue and orange coloring made from grasses, orchid bark as well as natural and commercial dyes.

Papua New Guinea. HIGHLANDS MASK - This vibrant mask comes from the Waghi Valley in the Western Highlands of Papua New Guinea. Made predominantly from pandanus leaves over a rattan frame it is additionally adorned with human hair, shells, pig tusks, everlasting flowers, bailer shell, orchid stems and bird of paradise feathers. It is painted in trade store paint.