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Africa | Beaded leopard skin from the Bamileke people of Cameroon | The skin has been decorated with tiny glass beads and cowrie shells

Africa | Details of Adinkra Printing. Adinkra cloth was originally only used as a mourning cloth. Today it is also worn on other special occasions. | © Boakye family, Ntonso-Ashanti, Ghana

Panel from a Ndop Ceremonial Hanging. Bamum or Bamileke people, Cameroon. First half 20th century Strip woven cotton stitch-resist dyed with indigo. Size: 12 3/4" x 69" (32 x 172.5cm).

伊藤若冲/Jakuchu Ito

Juju suit, from 1912. Meinhof, Carl. Afrikanische Religionen: Hamburgische Vorträge.

Title unknown by Japanese fiber artist Junko Oki, from the artist's Solo Exhibition "tattoo / street." ty, sweetpea path. via the artist's blog woky shoten

Africa | Mud cloth from the Bamana people of Mali or Burkina Faso | Handspun local cotton and mineral dyes

Pende group Reamasukun Ma

Africa | Ndop Royal Hanging for Ceremonial and Funerary Occasions. Bamum or Bamileke people, Cameroon | First half 20th century | Stripwoven cotton stitch-resist dyed with indigo