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"By seed and root ~ by bud and stem ~ by leaf and flower and fruit ~ in the name of love ~ and by the power of life ~ my spell is cast..."

“The Witch,” 1882. Between 1879 and 1895 six editions of Ardern Holt’s Fancy Dresses Described; Or, What to Wear at Fancy Balls were published in London. The book is partly a how-to guide for those planning on making their own costumes for a costume ball but the book is also part-advertisement for the costumes available at Debenham & Freebody of London, England.

Pagan Barbie. Love it.

WHAT IS A HEDGE WITCH? A Hedge Witch is a solitary practitioner of the herbal arts - both, medicinal and spiritual. Her cupboard contains the remedy for what ails you - physical and spiritual. A Hedge Witch does not belong to a coven. She does not follow the tenets of any sect or organized religion. Her craft is her own - usually handed down to her by family and honed by her own experience and research. )O( ~Krystal~ )O( (from The Pagan Circle on Facebook)

"The world did gaze in deep amaze at those fearless men but few, who bore the fight that freedom's light might shine through the Foggy Dew." ~ Foggy Dew, an Irish song

Saraswathi, goddess of wisdom