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ビタースウィート No.07-0044 | ウエディングドレス選びならBeauty Bride(ビューティーブライド)


A photographer of geisha, maiko, and Kyoto


能年玲奈 Rena Nōnen

  立体感のある繊細なラッセルレースで仕立てた、春の新作【Haorie Merletto - メルレット -】が、もうすぐお目見えいたします。     数種類の幾何学模様が組み合わさったモダンな表情が【Haorie

What are you doing, HL?! This is probably your nicest print you’ve ever done, and you’re wasting it on a yukata. Yes, this is a Yukata, not a Homongi kimono for a middle aged enka singer. I don’t know what to think! Bright purple and white powerfully contrast with a deep background, making the yukata look almost flat. It’s hard to know where to look. This yukata would be good to wear to a night festival, not just because during the day the summer sun would be oppressive.



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