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Africa | The protector of the Shrine of Sheikh Hussein. Ethiopia | © Johan Gerrits

78 Afar girl ‹ Imagevue Gallery

Africa | Great Rift Valley; The Omo Valley, Ethiopia | ©Kazuyoshi Nomachi

Africa | Jewish Ethiopian women with a cross tattooed on her forehead. Beta Israel School, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia | ©Natalie Behring-Chisholm.

Mint15 Bracelets with rosegold | More

Tibetan woman. * 1500 free paper dolls for girls at Arielle Gabriels International Paper Doll Society also her new book explores her life as a mystic suffering financial disaster in Hong Kong The Goddess of Mercy & The Dept of Miracles a unique memoir*

Africa | Colourful Borana woman. Ethiopia | ©Marti Brown

Bosnia, traditional clothing from Debeljaci #world #cultures

Woman from the Mwila (or Mwela, Mumuhuila, or Muhuila) tribe - Angola