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4 Zzz. These shipping containers may be reserved for 90 minute periods on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. They provide a private spot along the river to take a nap, read a book, play cards or even get married. And they're free! . On the days when the containers are not reserved for personal use, they will host exhibitions, workshops and performances.

8 Shipping Containers Help Design Sustainable Home in Ecuador…

Home Architecture, Best Design Of Venice House Container Home With White Wall Color Idea With Brown Laminating Flooring With Nice Style Of Lighting Looked Well And Breathtaking Ways: Sweet Design Of Shipping Container Homes California Looked Elegant And Breathtaking


8 Shipping Containers Combine to Create Surprisingly Luxurious Home in Mexico

8 Awesome Houses Built Out Of Combining Shipping Containers! #SmallSpaceBigLiving

パネルやフレームを組み立てるだけのコンテナハウス。 離島や山奥でも簡単に建てることができるため、別荘やセカンドハウスとして注目を集めている。 「VIMOB」はコロンビアのデザイン会社、Colectivo Creativo Arquitectosが開発したコンテナハウス。 ウッディなパッチワークの外観がおしゃれ

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A Shipping Container Home in Pennsylvania Embraces Its Rugged Industrial Origins

A couple builds a new home, repurposing a series of 11 shipping containers and an existing concrete foundation to maximal effect.