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Stephen Reid, “Macha Curses the Men of Ulster,” from Eleanor Hull’s The Boys’ Cuchulainn, 1904 “Macha, daughter of Ernmas, of the T...

Beyla, the bee goddess with influence over sweetness, wisdom and mead.

In Norse mythology, a Fylgja (Old Norse, literally "someone that accompanies,") is a supernatural being which accompanies a person in connection to their fate or fortune. Fylgjur usually appear in the form of an animal, but the sagas relate that they could appear while a person is awake as well, and that seeing one's Fylgja is an omen of one's impending death. However, when Fylgjur appear in the form of women, they are then supposedly guardian spirits for people or clans.

Legend DFM Kwai Shing (from Celtic legend) East Wind Technique: Acrylic on board, combined with pigment Acrylic and Pigment on Board

Yuki-Onne (Japanese.) A Goddess of death who chills into numbness those who will die, making their death peaceful. She cuts the cord at life’s end.

In Irish mythology the Fir Bolg were one of the races that inhabited the island of Ireland prior to the arrival of the Tuatha Dé Danann.

Selene, daughter of Hyperion, the sister of Helios (the sun) and Eos (the dawn), is mainly known for being the Titaness of the moon, though she is also known as a deity presiding over the night, ocean tides, magic, childbirth, dew, lunacy, nursing, and the months. Mainly worshipped in the Peloponnese, a large peninsula situated in southern Greece including Arcadia, Elis, Corinth, Achaea, Thrace and Argos. (Roman, Luna)

Faoladh: Werewolves of Ireland