Designed by Cordula Kehrer and commissioned by fair trade NGO Preda, these whimsical wastebaskets are made by the indigenous Aeta people of the Philippines using traditional basket weaving techniques. Made with sustainably harvested rattan, they achieve simple and unpretentious shapes that catch the eye.

"The Bask collection is a mix between a modern, wire-framed basket and a traditionally-woven basket. After visiting a company in Spain that produces yarn with paper in it, he was inspired to make these baskets. What’s cool is you can flip them upside down and use them as side tables."

Matilde - bowls

アフリカのバスケットいろいろ。表情豊か。 #eruca

Yarn bowls. super easy 3-D project. and they're way cool.

STYLE4 Design Beautiful way to connect the product with napkins, but what's the story??

Generate Design: Bow Bin (ボウビン バスケット) : Cordula Kehrer : Areaware

Painted stencil floor

Ingenious Candle Lighter Holder

FREDDY LECK ランドリーバスケット

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