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Created by Cybero, the following are Quarz Composer video renders of a Perlin Sphere GLSL shader. Originally developed by Inigo Quilez and ported to QC with added audio interactivity , two texture channels, [noise and waveform image] and audio specific calculations and rotations.

Video, Audio and Image installation at OFFF 2007 (NYC) Visuals by Michael Paul Young Soundtrack by Michael Cina In mathematics, especially in geometry and topology, an ambient space is the space surrounding a mathematical object. For example, a line may be studied in isolation, or it may be studied as an object in two-dimensional space — in which case the ambient space is the plane, or as an object in three-dimensional space — in which case the ambient space is ...

psyche water

HaKU MV「アステリズム」メイキング(MV「Asterism」VFX Before/After) - YouTube

▶▶▶ Jackson Eaton // BOOK // broad strokes.

安室奈美恵 / 「Golden Touch」 (from New Album「_genic」)

Scan Processor Studies (excerpts pt.1)

GLSL3DForm. An audio-reactive visual application built with openFrameworks and shaders. The three dimensional sculpture-like object is anima...

Audiovisual installation for 15 differently tuned pianos and video. 21 min. Visuals - Candas Sisman ( ) Music - Egidija Medeksaite ( ) Premiered in Electronic music festival "Jauna Muzika" ( )

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