Having trouble getting your toddlers to clean? Try these successful tips!

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do this a little backwards and give you food ideas and some meal plans in this post and then follow-up soon in a second post on exactly how to begin making this transition (update: click here and here for those follow up posts). To be honest, I wanted to have a resource for myself, s

Make your own flashcards. Love this idea! Great to use during those quite hours at church

Middle Childhood (7-11 yrs)-Cognitive
/ Socio-emotional: Between the ages of 5 and 8, children will tell more lies to test what they can get away with, especially lies related to school and friends. Maintaining the lies may still be difficult. Ages 9 to 12 most children this age are well on their way to establishing a hardworking, trustworthy, and conscientious identity. But they are getting better at maintaining lies, but they may feel guilty after lying.

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Before the Holidays are here along with a plethora of new things, go through what you have. 5 Tips for Getting Kids to WILLINGLY Donate Toys

Healthier and cheaper to make at home. Packed in an EasyLunchbox

Toddlers need encouragement just like you! Find out how you can build up and encourage your toddler with these five tips! #toddlers #selfesteem #lovingkids

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