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Song : Break By : Three Days Grace

Oh! Betta watch out! Da Proxies are coming! X3 I swear, I think this is like the Three Musketeers! Or the Three Amigos!!! XD I cant help but Fangirl a tiny bit! X3 Design by

Ben my red eyed love

Toby :) im sorry i dont pin him that much, i will try to change that!!!! i have like entire sections for Jeff and Ben and E.J and crap. why not give Toby a section? yes, no?

Jeff the killer im going to make you crimson red * creepy laugh* - Jeff the killer

IM TRYING TO SHOW IT AND KEEP IT IN AT THE SAME TIME ITS REALLY HARD I WANT TO KILL SOMEONE SO BAD!!!!wait did I say that out loud (JK this was supposed to be a joke or was it?)