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LOVELY corn maiden Hand Carved from antler by World Famous Zuni carver Claudia Peina. This MAGICAL maiden PERFECT in every detail features lots of etching and i

Hand Carved Elk Antler Corn Maiden

サンゴターコイズ,人形フェチ,Maiden Turquoise,Carved Elk,Hand Carved,Antler Corn,Etching Details,Turquoise Village,Angelic Maiden

Elk Antler & Sterling Silver Zuni Warrior Maiden Fetish by Claudia Peina

スターリングシルバー,Precisely Carved,Zuni Warrior,Antler Sterling,Maiden Fetish,Warrior Maiden,Silver Zuni,Elk Antler,Maidens

Apple Coral Zuni Warrior Maiden Fetish by Claudia Peina

Apple Coral Zuni Warrior Maiden Fetish by Claudia Peina – Turquoise Village - $450

Hand Carved Black Lip Mother of Pearl Corn Maidens

Elk Antler Zuni Warrior Fetish by Claudia Peina

戦士,Warrior Fetish,Warrior Maiden,Antler Zuni,Elk Antler,Delicate Attention,Zuni Warrior,Silver Spear,Maidens

Hand Carved Turquoise Dual Sided Corn Maidens

ズニフェティッシュ,芸術のマスター,Maidens Hand,Corn Maidens,Turquoise Dual,Carved Turquoise,Sided Corn,Inlay Details,Dual Sided

Hand Carved Apple Coral Corn Maidens by Derrick Kaamasee

Hand Carved Fossilized Mammoth Ivory Corn Maidens

Hand Carved Elk Antler Tabletta Maiden Zuni Fetish

ヘラジカの枝角,Tabletta Maiden,Maiden Zuni,Details Througho,Carved Elk,Hand Carved,Etching Details,Wearing Hand,Intricate Inlay