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Africa | Dogon men sitting in the shade of the men's house, or Toguna. They wear indigo dyed clothing. Tirelli. Mali. | © Bryan & Cherry Alexander Photography / ArcticPhoto

The Tuareg Tribe. The men wear the veils not the women. Keeps them protected from sun and sand, but also keeps them confined and anti-social. "Blue Men of the Desert" because the blue indigo that the fabric is dyed in rubs off on their skin. Turbans can be made with 16.5 feet of fabric.

Tibetan woman. #tibet

Dan men wearing hat called tarboosh, Man region (West), Ivory Coast.


Muezzin in his mosque in Mali

Minimum wage workers are treated badly in Central African Republic. Even with what they receive is considered unrespectful. They work a lot and all day to only earn so small amount of money that they can't even eat. I think this is unfair.

Africa | Tuareg woman. Abalak, Niger | ©Kazuyoshi Nomachi

Woman wearing local indigo dyed cloth. Dogon country, Mali