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Mexico - Quetzalcoatl as Wind God

Mexico/peru illustration

absurdonio: Precolumbian Rain God Vessel, c. 1100–1400Mexico, Colima, El Chanal, Mixtec style, Middle Post Classic period (1200–1400)Polychromed ceramic.

Mexico - Toltec Eagle

Eagle warrior, Aztec, ca 1440_69 Fired clay, stucco and paint, 170 x 118 x 55 cm. Museo del Templo Mayor, Mexico city Photo : Michel Zabé

Peruvian Textile Heritage -In rural Peru it is common to find people using a simple spindle to produce yarn as they are chatting with their neighbors, or to see them working at the looms set up in the patios of their dwellings. This very traditional scene depicts a millennial craftsmanship which has been providing the people of ancient Peru with tools and clothing from time immemorial.


Twitter / EISAKUSAKU: ペン入れ完成。

Two bird ornaments [Peru; Nazca] (1979.206.511-.512) | Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Codex Borbonicus consists of 32 leaves of amátl fig paper and is likely the oldest of the surviving Aztec manuscripts from Mexico. It was produced early in the 16th century and although 1507 is bandied around as the date, it's more likely the work was completed after the conquest by the Spanish in 1521. The contents are definitely all pre-Columbian however. The majority of the scroll displays a divinatory calendar from which one could derive predictions about a birth from an…

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