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Mictlantecuhtli was a god of the dead and the king of Mictlan (Chicunauhmictlan), the lowest and northernmost section of the underworld. He was one of the principal gods of the Aztecs and was the most prominent of several gods and goddesses of death and the underworld. The worship of Mictlantecuhtli sometimes involved ritual cannibalism, with human flesh being consumed in and around the temple.

absurdonio: Precolumbian Rain God Vessel, c. 1100–1400Mexico, Colima, El Chanal, Mixtec style, Middle Post Classic period (1200–1400)Polychromed ceramic.

Eagle warrior, Aztec, ca 1440_69 Fired clay, stucco and paint, 170 x 118 x 55 cm. Museo del Templo Mayor, Mexico city Photo : Michel Zabé

When Spanish Conquistador Hernan Cortés arrived in 1519, the Aztecs believed he was their returning god, Quetzalcoatl, and offered him the drink of the gods: hot chocolate.

Japanese National Treasure, Statues of Fujin (wind god) 風神像(三十三間堂)

Mexico - Teotihuatecan Knight-Eagle

An Aztec god of the dead and ruler of Mictlan, the lowest region of the underworld. Templo Mayor Museum, Mexico City

Tulum Mayan ruins, Yucatan, Mexico - "Temple of the Frescos" was used as an observatory for tracking the movements of the sun. Niched figurines of the Maya “diving god” or Venus deity decorate the facade of the temple.