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Theo James Divergent Movie - Young Celebrities

I thought he was "too petty and good looking to be cast as Four." I admit that I was wrong, and I take that back. brace yourself- my new obsession. Theo James


the CLEARLY LOVELY Andrew Garfield.

The symbols of each faction are on his back: Dauntless (The Brave) at the top of his spine, Abnegation (The Selfless) below it, the other three smaller below them (Candor - The Honest, Erudite - The Intelligent, and Amity - The Peaceful ). Oh and written on his plain white bedroom wall are the words: Fear God Alone. <3 him!!!!

Craig. Daniel Craig.

Theo James---monochromatic face possibility

Here he is everyone!! My future Husband!!! Chriiiiiis Eeeeevvvaaannnss! (Chris Evans)

I love this guyJames Franco. I KEEP PINNING HIM. but hes so attractive. and talented. and smart. and attractive.

Colin Farrell. Yes please.

What's next for the rather handsome Theo James? #men #fashion #celebrity