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Armor (Gusoku), late 18th-19th century. Japanese. The Metropolitan Museum of…


情景師アラーキー/荒木さとし on

Armor with the features of a tengu.1854. Iron, lacquer, vegetable fiber, bear fur, leather, feathers, and fabric.

Armor (Yoroi). Date: early–mid-14th century. Iron, leather, lacquer, silk, copper, gold, pigments. H. 37 1/2 in. (95.3 cm); W. 22 in. (55.9 cm); Wt. 38 lb. 3 oz. (17.3 kg). This is a rare example of a medieval yoroi. The yoroi is characterized by a cuirass that wraps around the body and is closed by a separate panel (waidate) on the right side and by a deep four-sided skirt. -The Metropolitan Museum-

Tetsu kuro Urushi nuri so-fukurin suji bachi kabuto, tetsu kawa maze kuro urushi nuri hon kozane ni-mai dou gusoku.

Armor of the Gusoku type Bamen Tomotsugu (Japanese, active 18th century)

Nio dou, back side view. Tokyo National Museum.

Cuirass (Armor for the Torso and Hips) and Greaves (Lower Leg Defenses) probably late 18th–early 19th century Japanese Iron, silver, gold, copper alloy, leather, wood, textile