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Ōyoroi tōsei gusoku.

kawari kabuto/armor

Embroidered Dou

Nio dou, back side view. Tokyo National Museum.

Cuirass (Armor for the Torso and Hips) and Greaves (Lower Leg Defenses) probably late 18th–early 19th century Japanese Iron, silver, gold, copper alloy, leather, wood, textile

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Composite-armor from Edo period, iron 62ken kabuto with big Meiji or Showa re-lacquerd wooden wakidate, a iron hanpo, iron okegawa dou with sabiji lacquer, nerikawa sode, iron kote, nerikawa haidate covered by gold leaf and iron suneate,Showa hitsu.


Kawari Kabuto, Early to mid-Edo period, 17th–18th century; Iron, wood, lacquer…