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An armor with a hotoke do Edo period (19th century) The helmet constructed of eight plates, conical in form and lacquered smooth with nine rows of domed rivet heads over plum-blossom washers, on the front a horizontal peak above which is a half-moon maedate in gilt leather, the shikoro of six-lame Hineno-style terminating in small fukigaeshi with small gilt crests of birds within bamboo

A suit of armor with a go-mai okegawa do Edo period (18th century) Laced in blue with the components lacquered russet brown and comprising a thirty-plate suji kabuto mounted with a four-stage gilt-metal and shakudo tehen kanamono, the mabizashi and gold lacquer fukigaeshi trimmed with gilt-copper "rope" fukirin, the bowl fitted with a five-lame Hineno shikoro terminating in fukigaeshi applied with gilt-copper heraldic crests, the gilt-copper maedate formed as a chrysanthemum flower and…


A black lacquer armor Edo period (early 19th century) The component parts lacquered black and laced in blue with white and orange highlights, the lames covered in leather lacquered black, comprising a sixty-two plate koboshi kabuto mounted with a five stage gilt-copper, copper and shakudo tehen kanamono, the mabizashi mounted with stenciled leather and gilt-copper fukurin, the four lame shikoro ending in extended fukigaeshi applied with stenciled leather, the bowl fitted with a gold

Domaru Armor with Light Blue Lacing, Helmet and Wide Arm Protectors, Edo period, Important Cultural Property of Japan 縹糸威胴丸 兜・大袖付 重要文化財

Edo Period Samurai

Date Masamune's suit of Armor

Kawari Kabuto 変わり兜. Unusual Helmet with Black-Lacquered Bear's Head. Edo Period.

Takeda Shingen’s armor

Gusoku Type Yoroi. Edo Period, Circa 19th Century.