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Yoroi hakama (armored pants), brocade cloth with kikko armor attached to the thigh area. These are short pants (ko-bakama), the addition of kikko armor would make these "kikko kobakama".

Recent posts by Nihon-No-Katchu Samurai Armour Forum, kogake (armored foor coverings).

Domaru Armor Laced with Black Leather Thongs and Purple Red and White Cords. This armor is composed of alternately arranged black-lacquered leather and iron kozane scales. The upper part of the body and the shoulders are laced with purple, red, and white cords, and the lower part is laced with black leather thongs.

Armor of the adjutant general. early heian era. Japan.

鉄錆地山道頭鋲綴二枚胴 Tetsu sabiji yamamichi gashira byotoji 2maido

Shitagi / gusoku shita (under armor shirt).

Tetsu kawa maze kuro urushi nuri hon kozane ni-mai dou gusoku, detailed view of the kote showing the hidden container in an open position.

Samurai from "Young Japan. Yokohama and Yedo. A Narrative of the Settlement and the City from the Signing of the Treaties in 1858, to the Close of the Year 1879" by John Reddie Black (1826-1880), born in Scotland but lived most of his life in China and Japan he published many newspapers and journals, The Far East (1870) is appreciated in particular because it used original photographs. Black was a photographer, he employed both English and Japanese photographers he also published his own…