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Yoroi hakama (armored pants), brocade cloth with kikko armor attached to the thigh area. These are short pants (ko-bakama), the addition of kikko armor would make these "kikko kobakama".

Recent posts by Nihon-No-Katchu Samurai Armour Forum, kogake (armored foor coverings).

鉄錆地山道頭鋲綴二枚胴 Tetsu sabiji yamamichi gashira byotoji 2maido

Tetsu kawa maze kuro urushi nuri hon kozane ni-mai dou gusoku, detailed view of the kote showing the hidden container in an open position.

Domaru Armor Laced with Black Leather Thongs and Purple Red and White Cords. This armor is composed of alternately arranged black-lacquered leather and iron kozane scales. The upper part of the body and the shoulders are laced with purple, red, and white cords, and the lower part is laced with black leather thongs.

hara-ate karuta tatami dou.

Deer leather dofuku: This overgarment is a short, open-fronted jacket. It came into being in the Momoyama period, and was the forerunner of the modern haori. Originally, it was a merchant’s garment, but samurai began wearing it due to its comfort. It was intended as a protection against the cold or dirt of the outside, but was commonly worn indoors as well.

Tetsu kuro Urushi nuri so-fukurin suji bachi kabuto, tetsu kawa maze kuro urushi nuri hon kozane ni-mai dou gusoku.

Bisyamon Kote.

Hon kozane maru dou (chest armor with true individual small scales, no hinge). Edo period samurai lamellar armor constructed with hundreds of individually laced nerigawa (rawhide) hon kozane (small scales). This is a maru dou (no hinge), this type of construction make a very flexible armor which conforms to the shape of the wearer.