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Why Stretch Classes Are the Secret to Upping Your Fitness Game


Why Seeing a Trainer Before You Take Boot Camp Class Is a Good Idea

Read this before you go to that boot camp class!


Lisa Marie Fernandez Launches Activewear: Almost Too Cool to Work up a Sweat In

Lisa Marie Fernandez’s new activewear is almost too cool to work out in.


Why Charlotte Rampling’s 1976 Fitness Guide in Vogue Was Years Ahead of Its Time

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#TBT: The Evolution of the At-Home Fitness Video, From Cindy Crawford to Mark Wahlberg and More

We rounded up our favorite workout videos from then and now, to remind us that convenience never goes out of style.

Inspiration body : If you’ve ever said, “I just can’t eat what I used to...!” I say YOU CAN! Because, in a moment, I’m going to reveal a truly ASTONISHING weight loss secret that has the diet industry down on their knees, praying you never discover.

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The Brazilian Body Workout: Aeroboxing with Adriana Lima

We'll have what she's having.


5 Simple Stretches That Release Tension In Your Neck, Back, And Legs

Lying Side Quad Stretch: Most people are used to stretching their quads while standing up, but it’s also something you can do while lying down. To really maximize your quad stretch, squeeze your butt while active in the position. Since quads are one of the most overworked muscles in the body, make sure to stretch them every day.


The Best Post-Workout Stretches

Relieve and relax tight muscles with these four soothing stretches. |