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Ice Berg photographed by Chris Clor- ONE EYELAND

Beautiful 3D-Rendered Glaciers Look Like Watercolor Paintings - Icebergs appear small as they float on top of the water and below a dusty night sky. But, it’s a different story underneath the ocean. Hulking forms dip far into the water where the true mass of each glacier is revealed. This, coupled with Chaotic Atmosphere’s fantastic use of color, creates a moody, almost suspenseful scenes. The landscape looks tranquil, but we get these sense that anything could happen.

目に見えない深み ポスター

Coming up for a breather: Killer whales pictured in Arctic ice feature in new amazing Frozen Planet images

Hitching a ride: Adélie penguins on an iceberg surrounded by masses of floating ice, in western Antarctica ~ The Adélie Penguin is a species of penguin common along the entire Antarctic coast. They are among the most southerly distributed of all seabirds

Ice can be so beautiful, easpecially in such large quantities in one place, where light reflects and refracts through both ice and water in different ways. Beautiful, in an understated way.

This pink iceberg is the result of algae which is growing in the ice and has been effected by the UV rays which results in the algae producing this reddish pink colour.

Abstract Ice Berg

Abstract Ice Berg by eatbrunchdaily on Etsy

dreiging met water

wind swept