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Bomb Test, Nevada, 1955

Filming the atomic blast of Wasp Prime Test, Nevada. 18th February 1955.The Wasp Prime test was part of Operation Teapot, a series of 14 nuclear tests conducted at the Nevada Test site during 1955. The Wasp Prime bomb had a yield of 3.2kt.

ストックフォト : Nevada Nuclear Test Ban Site

Backyard entrance to fallout shelter. Cold War scare had us hidding under our desks at school; bomb shelters being built in basements and backyards.

sumner mississippi "good place to raise a boy" - Google Search

Atomic bomb test dummies

Kaidan Chibusa Enoki: The ghostly tale of the wet nurse tree by Ito Seiu. This scroll shows the ghost holding the baby while standing under a waterfall at Juniso (where Tokyo's Shinjuku Chuo Park is now located).

Unbroken seal on king tuts tomb. Rare Historical Photos with descriptions - Imgur

Real Photo from Nellis AFB Bombing Range, Nevada taken by a General not to be named, Morss NYE 02484 Priscilla atomic test Nevada Test Site 1959... He died of Lymphoma in 1966...

Soldiers witness an atomic explosion during Exercise Desert Rock VIII at the Nevada Test Site in 1957.

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