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OMG, this little cutie is so cute he looks very fluffy and warm!! #Fluffy and Cute

Baby Sloth, I have wanted one as a pet since i was a little girl living in South of my most fav animals ever...incredibly soft, very cuddly

oh my goodnesssss. i want!!!


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Baby hedgehog on skateboard #cute

Ok now I'm just spitballing here, but can someone do a goatiarty, or johngoat? Maybe I'm just tired but...

awww... this reminds me of Paige's old rat Tutter.... he was soooo sweet..

~Baby sloth~ We are saving up for one. They have no fear of humans. Actually, they would hug you, if you picked up a wild one, from a tree. I have researched sloths, & I would ♡ to have one. They live up to about 40 human years, in captivity. I want one so bad!! Also, they make the most angelic sounds, & they also smile!