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.Life in the Korean Market.

vintage everyday: Old Photographs of Life in Korea More Than 100 Years Ago

Korean Traditional Wedding Ceremony Hwang Cheol, Albumin Print, 13.3x9.5cm, 1880's

"Smiles are the style here in Korea. Here's a quartet from my little school showing you how to smile. How do you like them? They are four little pagans but are now preparing for baptism. Picture from Fr. Carroll, Masan, Korea" Photograph of four smiling girls dressed in traditional Korean outfits. The girl second from the right holds an object wrapped in fabric. ca 1920-40

Yangban,high class family. since their house is written some Chinese character,it was permitted only for Yangban.

A Brother and a Sister A Brother and a Siste, Gelatin Silver print, 14.4x10.5cm, 1940s

A Family, Geumgwangdang Photo Studio(Seoul), Gelatin Silver print, 13.3x9.4cm, 1920s The Museum of Photography, Seoul

Three Korean dignitaries. 1894. From Problems of the Far East : Japan-Korea-China. Longmans, 1894) Curzon of Kedleston, George Nathaniel Curzon, Marquess (1859-1925), Author.

Empress Myeongseong with Keun Meori (큰머리) hairstyle

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