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Houdini Engine for Maya | Volumes Asset


Pyro Clustering Test and Compare

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Cut And ...: Houdini Pyro Shadinig Basic 01


|||||||||||||||||||||| HOUDINI MOGRAPH VOL 1 |||||||||||||||||||||| cmiVFX has released their first video of the brand new HOUDINI MOGRAPH Volume 1. Most of the time Houdini is spoken of, in terms of its usage, is in creating massive visual effects shots which require Particles and Dynamics. The purpose of this video was to show Houdini being used for creating something relatively different. Motion Graphics is a huge field and Houdini, ...

01 Gas Advect Wind


Seams and rivets, Pt. 2 #modeling

Here is the first part of my "Anatomy of Houdini smoke solver" report, which I presented at the CG Event 2014 conference in Moscow. As it was recorded in a poor quality I've decided to make a remastering in order to improve quality of both video and audio content. I've also added English subtitles to make it useful for English speaking audience. In the first part I describe some basic concepts of fluid dynamics and show how to create simple smoke solver from scratch. Первая часть м...