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The Lingsberg Runestone (Sweden)

cinoh: RunestoneJursta, Södermanland, SwedenPhoto by Swedish National Heritage Board on Flickr

Rune Script 06 | Flickr - Viveca Lammers

japaneseaesthetics: “DOGU” ceramics, which were discovered in remains of…

Hillersjö Rune Stone(drawing).jpg tells the dramatic story of Gerlög and Inga documented for posterity on this runestone sometime between 1060 and 1100

北海道土人アイヌ酋長. Ainu, Japan #Ainu #Hokkaido #Japan

Odin's Raven's: Hugin and Munin. Norse/Viking mythology. Cold cast, layered relief. Limited edition of 150 signed & numbered castings

The ravens are shown intertwined in knotwork to symbolize their interconnectedness – not only to each other, but also to Odin, the physical world and the knowledge they seek. They are perched on a rune stone upon which is carved a sampling of Futhark (the Norse alphabet) and a depiction of Odin astride his eight-legged horse, Sleipnir.

Celtic knots tutorial

Sigurd is a legendary hero of traditional Norse religion, as well as the central character in an Icelandic saga. The earliest extant representations for his legend come in pictorial form from 7 runestones in Sweden, most notably the Ramsund carving (c. 1000) & the Gök Runestone (11th century). As Siegfried, he would become one of the heroes in the German epic poem Nibelungenlied, & in Richard Wagner's operas Siegfried & Götterdämmerung.