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Final fantasy couple(ノ´ ▽ `)ノ


ファイナルファンタジー:「10」「10-2」がPS3とPSVitaで12月に 追加コンテンツも - 毎日新聞 もっと見る

Aqua & Terra

Roxas and Namine. personally thought i ship Roxas and Xion. i mean come on! they were perfect together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh Xion, why did you have to go????????????????? i expect the KH makers to put her back in KH 3

Akogare Kazura by Shu Mizoguchi

Art by shu, I think this would be a beautiful Sleeping Beauty.

"I will always be with you... Even if you don't remember me..."

"Sora will never forget Kairi. Memories of me will just make his feelings for Kairi stronger. Because... Because I'm her shadow."

Roxas & Sora