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Spain, 1938 . Unit: 5.A/88, Legion Condor

SAVOIA-MARCHETTI SM79-1 "SPARVIERO" BOMBER Illustrated by Shigeo Koike , イラスト:小池繁夫氏

1949 North American F-86 'Sabre'

Lockheed P-38J Lightning - Illustrated by Shigeo Koike

民事スペイン語,グッズ,内戦,111,サイト,ドイツの飛行機,戦争,Scw,Ww2 Flight

WW2 Junkers Ju87G-2 "the Stuka" - a 2-man German, steep-dive bomber known for pinpoint precision with an identifiable scream when diving. A fearsome icon of the early Blitzkrieg campaigns, the G-2 had a pair of 37mm Flak guns in pods under its wings. It was deadly as a tank destroyer, but when unescorted the Stuka was vulnerable to attack from Spitfires Hurricanes. As a result, it was most used on the Russian front.

ME-109 ramming a P -51 Mustang. Mustang pilot became a P.O.W. The pilots of both planes met after the war and became friends.