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Matter Experiment: The Balloon Experiment! Great way for students to see how a solid and a liquid can create a gas.

States of matter: Dancing raisins experiment

The dancing raisins experiment is a fun and simple way to teach kids about gas, density, and states of matter. Plus, it's super amazing to watch! || Gift of Curiosity

"The Transparent and Bouncy Egg Experiment" I love to do these experiments! Put some science in your Easter!

States of Matter DO matter!

Teach about the various states of matter - solids, liquids, and gases, with this complete lesson and fun activity!

DIY - Paper Globe - Free PDF Printable + Full Instructions for Assembly

marshmallow states of matter | ... mores after our study of the states of matter we learned all about

Article: GMO Food Far Worse Than We think

What Is The Water Cycle? Science Experiment For Kids

Where does water come from? Find out in this "What is Water Cycle?" Science Experiment

#asl sign language ~ words

Science Solids and Liquids Activity