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Ferrari reveals its design for an attractive but aggressive Formula One car -- and Red Bull responds with its own concept.

THE PROBLEM: It takes me 10 minutes to walk from the Starbucks to my office, but only 6 minutes to finish my drink. THE SOLUTION: Motorized rollerskates? Who woulda thunk it. It seems we've leapfrogged the whole flying cars thing and at least one thing from those crazy 1920s predict the future articles has come true. They see you rollin', but you've zipped by too fast to hear them hatin'.

R/C Squeeler Car

"My P5100大合體" By Eason Lin.Ladaga

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@Jeff_Wegner Canon 7d shooting on my brand new @KesslerCrane Stealth and Manfrotto head with @rodemics : @movementfilm