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The dog in the back is scaryyy :)

Don't forget Kakashi gets all the awards, so that's why I didn't include him in my emotionless top ten list. He would crush everyone else. He was BORN an emotionless hero and it comes out when he wants it to. That's why he wears a freaking mask over his face at all times!! It's just he's so wise that he learned to be sweet, goofy, and caring...he's a genius so he couldn't help it!!!

カカシちゃん,Naruto - ナルト - の詩カカシ,それはナルトです,セクシーなナルト,Naruto - ナルト - 疾風伝,行います,アニメ品種,Kakashi Nourxd,Naruto Draw

Cute pic thoe☺

What do u do?? . . please like my last 3 AMV's . . #kiba #kibainuzuka #narutoshippuden by wolf.kiba.inuzuka

Kiba Inuzuka and Akamaru

Kiba-Hinata-Shino #Naruto