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The poodle or poodle is a breed of dog that from the fifteenth century to the present day is considered used exclusively for the luxury of aristocrats and nobles. Known for their woolly coat and curly varieties exist: giant, medium, dwarf and miniature or toy. Until the Renaissance, this was a water retriever: recovering and hunted prey that had fallen into the water, like ducks and swans

I'm NOT supposed be here. I'm supposed to be at Jack's house, aren't I? My name is Charlee and Jack's Grandma set me up to meet Jack. Don't you love my purple ribbons?......................

Anco, Lucky ,Mahina もふもふ!立て続けに|犬親分☆

Japanese poodle fashion!

My girls!

poodle ♡

miniature poodle - scandinavian clip

What a cutie!! Melon :パン君が赤い訳!|犬親分☆

Silver Poodle Puppies

Poodle lion cut :) I would love to do this to Raleigh for Halloween