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Measures required for preventing disease. In Nanjin, Oct 1937. 疫病防止のため南京市民に予防措置を施す日本の衛生兵 (南京占領の7日後 1937.12.20林特派員撮影 朝日グラフ 1938.1.19刊)


Emperor Hirohito, posthumously known as Emperor Showa, in December 1943-October 26, 1943 - Emperor Hirohito states his country's situation is now "truly grave."


The damage of atomic bomb which Japanese Hiroshima received. Hiroshima's shopping arcade. Before the bombing and after the bombing.


China in WW2 on

Mounted infantry? Japanese soldiers in Asia during WW2


"Nagara Maru", by Ueda Kihachiro Launched on 1934, she was requisitioned by the Imperial Japanese Army on September 19th, 1941, as a troop transport. She was sunk by air attack off Guadalcanal on November 14th, 1942.

Japanese navy marine brigade sent to Shanghai during the incident between August and September 1937. Chinese soldiers fighting in urban areas had caused significant harm to civilians. Japanese troops were about a tenth of Chinese troops until reinforcements arrived. In the military confrontation with China, the Japanese had naval gunfire support and support aircraft. 武士の島


In this photo from a vintage publication Maj General Nishihara (on the left) is ready to take off from Haneda airport with three other officers on June 26, 1940 to inspect whether the colonial authorities of French Indochina are enforcing the blockade of weapons towards Chiang Kai-shek that came into effect after the strong protests of the Japanese.

Japanese soldiers march along the shore of Guadalcanal in September 1942 during the Guadalcanal Campaign.

Mapa que muestra las líenas defensivas aliadas (en azul) y el movimiento de las fuerzas japonesas (en rojo) en Java, 1-8 de marzo de 1942. // Map showing the Allied offensive lines (in blue) and the movement of Japanese forces (in red) in Java, March 1-8, 1942.// Carte montrant les lignes alliées offensives (en bleu) et le mouvement des forces japonaises (en rouge) en Java, Mars 1-8, 1942. - Pin it by GUSTAVO BUESO-JACQUIER