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Don't try to tell me its no big deal....

No way!!! This guy is awesome!!!!!!!

awesome sauce

Tumblr Posts.

Love hate relationship

32 Times Tumblr Was Too Clever For Its Own Good

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I didn't believe seeing a skinny Asian dude doing a cosplay of Woody would ever be something that would make my day---but I know the truth now

What kind of sick joke is this?! <----- HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH I'M CRYING

Funny Tumblr Conversations (30 pics)

1 ID:Isf「水に言葉をかけるとー」とかいうのをガチで信じてるのが判明した反論しても聞く耳を持たないしめっちゃ機嫌悪くしてる熊本大学行ってたけど熊本大学じゃ論理的思考力とか科学的教養は教えてないんですかね.....(