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Shiko _Free 3dsMax character Rig

And here it comes finally ! you can try it and have fun with it just go t my site and under free stuffs you will find your way to it ! come on show us the animator inside :)

PhysXPainter Teaser on Vimeo

Grid Master TP tool

3Dsmaxツール,異なります,Master Tp,Grid Master,Creates Particles,3Dsmax Download,Tp Tool,Tool Grid,Thinking Particles

3ds Max Tutorials - V-RAY for Beginner (With Bonus V-RAY HDRI Tutorial)

Source: neetcore

ThinkingParticles / Hidraulics TDtool

New Tool! "Second Life" File attach: Ball compensation tip To start with i have to say that these tool was inspired by one work of Danil Krivoruchko called "ICE | Mirrorfield", is just awesome. In my spare time I tried to do the effect in ThinkingParticles but implementing new functions just for fun to the tool like the moving ring of the piston (up and down and Spin), or the motion ...

How to create a displacement map? - PhotoSculpt creates 3D models and textures from 2 photos

Vexus Teaser

3Dsmaxツール,シーンをレンダリング,ティーザー,Scene Manager,Nexus Render,Scene Setup,Nodal,Editor Designed

V-Ray Render Optimization | Akin Bilgic

Windows Generator 3 adds Cycles support and history