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Starry Sky | In/After Autumn | Haruki Naoshi | I never should have ventured into Naoshi’s tag what was I thinking look at this, he’s too adorable, I can’t take this, I’m going to cry

Starry Sky

Starry Sky - at 10mins and ep and each 2 eps telling the story of one of the bishonen in this anime its easy to watch and the guys are very hot. But another bland girl that they all seem to love makes this lose its sparkly. But till then it is very good to slash and ignore the girl!!!

anime guy smile | Shiranui Kazuki - Anime Guys Wallpaper (18246404) - Fanpop fanclubs

Starry☆Sky~/#1405143 - Zerochan

Starry Sky - Shiki Kagurazaka

Starry Sky - Kanata and Kazuki

Starry ☆ Sky (Miyaji Ryunosuke)

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Starry Sky | Haruki Naoshi | Leo | friggin love this guy, he's so adorable.