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Hello..I'm Viola or Vi. I'm 12 years old and a stow away on the Jolly Roger. I look young for my age, I've been told I look 9 or 10. My mother loved and played the viola hence my name. She died when I was younger so my father remarried and with that marriage came 3 little boys under 10 and an absolutely horrible woman. She used me as a babysitter constantly and would dramatically mourn her last husband. I ran away from home a year ago, leaving my father a note telling him it wasn't his…

若い女王,リトルプリンセス,歴史,堂々とした,Princess Alanna,Princess Violetta,Princess 2011,Young Princess,Princess Giovanna


ストーリーのインスピレーション,インスピレーションを書く,文字のインスピレーション,ベッド,女性たち,子供,Workhouse Girls,Workhouse Children,Workhouse Woes

ロラ君臨,治世テレビ,中世のインスピレーション,インスピレーションを書く,文字のインスピレーション,ストーリーのインスピレーション,図面,Reign Anna,Reign Lady

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ストーリーのインスピレーション,摂政のインスピレーション,インスピレーションを書く,ビクトリア朝ゴシック,雰囲気,Inspiration Storytelling,Biding Time,Interiors Victorian Classic,Victorian Mystery

Mia Wasikowska, Jane Eyre - Jane Eyre (2011) #charlottebronte #caryfukunaga

Princess of Thieves--I found the smiling while shooting an arrow rather cute, if you don't count the fact she might have been about to kill someone u_U and was *cough* smiling... bout it v_V