1958 SYLVANIA TV vintage magazine advertisement "Like two sets" ~ Like two sets -- for the price of one! It's a console ... Advanced Slimline styling looks handsome in your living room ... Sylvania Convertible TV ~

1958 SYLVANIA TV vintage magazine advertisement "Convertible TV" ~ Sylvania presents the world's first and only Convertible TV - It's a console ... it's a portable! To harmonize with the furnishings of your favorite TV room, it's a beautiful console ...

Hitachi television set Ophelia which doubled as furniture, 1962


ANNI 60 weltron

1965 GENERAL TELEPHONE & ELECTRONICS vintage magazine advertisement "Tempting" ~ Tempting - New Color TV By Sylvania - Sylvania upsets the applecart in color TV. ~

SHARP_両面自動演奏タテ型ステレオ VZ-V3 昭和56年

Old TV Guide -nostalgia, old tv sets, old tv shows, tv test patterns, tv shows from the 50's, 60's, and 70's, TV Guide Magazine 15 cents

1956 CHANNEL MASTER vintage magazine advertisement "Better TV Pictures" ~ Better TV Pictures For Almost Everyone - Two completely new antennas developed by Channel Master electronic research for color or black & white reception ... For the best picture on any TV set ... Channel Master - World's Largest Maker Of TV Antennas ~

1966 EMERSON TV vintage magazine advertisement "We overbuild them" ~ We overbuild them - At Emerson, we don't just build color TV sets. We overbuild them. - It's a basic fact of TV. The more power that goes into a picture tube, the brighter the ...

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