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From fickr - part of This is a dog-faced fruit bat. ("I was given the rare and fascinating experience of stepping into some of the bat cages at Cranbrook Institute of Science in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Just me, my camera, and 160 live bats.")

White tentmaking bats in the lowland rain forest of La Selva Biological Station - Costa Rica - They rest during the day in a shelter of their own making, a Heliconia leaf bitten along the middle so that it collapses into a ten

Baby Owl

magicalnaturetour: Militsky Sergey

私はバットを愛し,哺乳類のコウモリ,動物,Bats Fox S,Bats You,Murciélagos Bats,Animals ❶ Flying Mammals,Bat Stretching,Stretching Yawning

白い生き物、海に住んでる生き物、アイドル、   が好きです。

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