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10発の超巨大ドローン、飛行機にもトランスフォーム! : ギズモード・ジャパン

8 Awesome Drones You Can Buy To Shoot Aerial Videos With

The use of drones is increasing in popularity these days and they have many uses. The most common use though is for people to be able to capture beautiful aerial shots. After all, they offer a different perspective to the keen individual. Whether you’re thinking about experimenting with

殺人無人機「キラードローン」の歴史と未来 - GIGAZINE

NASA's GL-10 Greased Lightning electric-hybrid VTOL drone


米国で警察の武装ドローン配備が承認。スタンガンや催涙ガスなど非殺傷兵器を許可 - Engadget Japanese

How to prepare for killer robots

How to prepare for killer robots - Jan. 21, 2016

わずか250gで折りたたみ式の自撮り4Kカメラ搭載ドローン「Hover Camera」 - GIGAZINE

10 Hot New Wedding Trends for 2015!

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もう滑走路はいらない? ふわっと垂直に飛び立てる飛行機

Real Fish Welcome Robotic Overlord Into Their School

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